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Hello, My Name Is War


Gunfire reflections, are mirrored in my eyes,

I’m twenty kilotons and I’m falling from the sky.

I’m the arid vision of a bloody desert waste,

Suffering and destruction are the facets of my face.

I’m the amputator, I destroy hopes and dreams,

I pay the butchers bill in blood and death and screams.

Destruction’s my art form, I make nations rise and fall.

I’m equal opportunity baby, I’m at enmity with all.

I’ve never once shown mercy, I’ve never claimed that I was pure,

I’ve got bullet breath and gunsmoke eyes.

and my name is…

I am the lack of understanding, I am the box around your mind.

I am civil and I am self righteous, I am religious zealotry.

I am pillaging, burning raping death,

and baby I’m power hungry greed.

I’ve got no time for love, because compassion is such a bore,

I’ve got bullet breath and gunsmoke eyes,

and my name is War

My fingers are explosives, and my hand it holds the sword,

I’ve got bullet breath and gunsmoke eyes

and my name is War.